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Raw has little structure. It will strip out grammatical words (the, a, an, and, of, etc) and process the input with less finesse than other methods.


Referencing existent Places that are not already linked from current Place will create "doorways" to them.

Doorway verbiage will be composed of words found in the speech that created them through weighted fail-over logic. Doorway verbiage needs a Verb primarily which will be registered in the Place's context as a verb and decorators may be gleaned from the speech as well to modify the verb.

Referencing Things that currently exist in the current Place may generate new or applied decorators for those Things.


The first word in an action becomes the Verb. Following words depend on existing context. If the next word is already in the current context of the acting Persona failing into the current Place then appropriate actions may be taken.

If the second word is a Thing already:

If following words are known as decorators of the Thing they will be removed from the Thing if existing on it.

If the following words are unknown they will become decorators.

If the following words are also known Things the Things listed will become linked through that Verb and will share context with each other.

If a further word is in the action is a Thing:

Words prior to the Thing will become decorators of the Thing and decorators in the Place's and Persona's context of the Thing. The Thing will not gain decorators if it already existed. Speech can do that.

If any of the words are known Decorators of the Persona or the Place and no other words are known:

Then the first word following the last known decorator will become a new Thing and unknown words prior also become decorators.


Conjuncture mainly uses conjunctions to identify and link decorations. The speech element is more robust as it is more interested in cross-referencing elements.


Speech and Action follow the same rules as raw but the reference word logics are applied first.

Reference Words

And - Creates a situation where 2 things can be logically referenced into existence. For existing things may create a new thing (one is known) and they will share context or will simply share context between them (if both are known)

Of - Removal word: If a word is known as a Thing or Place before the Of and the word after it is known as a decorator of that entity then it will be removed.

The/A/An - Still stripped for the most part except in the case of the words following it being unknown. Will cause the word after it to become a Thing.

For - Causes known words before and after it to share context if both are Places, Personas or Things. Will cause Thing spawning if the word before it is a known decorator in the context out of the word following it given that is an unknown word.

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