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A c# web application text mmorpg platform with a custom web-based client, web-based data editing and administrative dashboard, and Grapevine integration.

You're not going to want the master version of the platform as it is the base platform. There will be many variants each with their own branch.


Master - A .net framework 4.7.2 text mmorpg platform.

Core - the .net core (standard 2.1) version of the base platform

Warrens: Leaf Green (framework) - A unicode graphics visual farming mmorpg, much like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley.

Warrens: Prismatic Diamond - A more traditional MUD platform based on the Circle engine mechanics.

Warrens: White Sand (framework) - A modern, universal entity based MUD platform used in Under the Eclipse.

Warrens: Indigo Madness (core) - A text-based reality sandbox where nothing is permenant.

Warrens: Vanta Isolation (framework) - The basis for Zeno's Fight Club, a gamejam entry MUD about meeting people half-way

Warrens: Transparent Alumnium (framework) - The most barebones version of warrens. If you want to start from as little as possible, this is it. There is almost no game here at all.

Warrens: Eggshell Silk (framework) - An API platform with no game unto itself. Runs other pseudo games, used for the Grapevine Intersystem Games and any TCGs I'm doing.