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Mario meets OS X menu bar

A little useless UI enhancement inspired by bisqwit's E editor for OS X, created and maintained by 🚀.


A little Mario walking from left to right, all day long. The most useless UI addition for OS X you've ever seen, but well... it was fun to program and get the stuff working with best performance.

  • Highly optimized animation (😆) - 0% CPU
  • ⚡️ No additional power consumption
  • Made without the need of 🍺



Mac OS X 10.10+


###Build from source

Just clone or download the current master. You need at least Xcode 6.4 and OS X 10.10 to build the application.


Get the Installer DMG, mount it and run the installer. After installation the application is automatically started.

Download Version 1.0.1


An uninstaller script is available in the Installer DMG

Settings and quit app




The application will launch after the installation. You can set an autolaunch option and kill the application with the Mario Menubar system preference.

Thank you

dingong - For your free mario sprite Sandro Pereira, AKA "PH03NYX" - For your lovley Icons