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A simple Mac note-taking app to demonstrate Cocoa programming.
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A simple Mac note-taking app that is the project for the book Swift Dev Journal Introduction to Cocoa.

I wrote the code in Xcode 10 using Swift 5. The code should also work in Xcode 11.


The master and develop branches contain the final app.

Chapter Branches

The various chapter branches show milestones along the way so you can see the steps I took from the start of the project to the final app.

The chapter04 branch shows the app after building the user interface for the notes window.

The chapter05 branch adds a toolbar to the window.

The chapter06 branch adds a Note menu to the menu bar with items to add and remove notes.

The chapter12 branch adds the ability to add notes, change a note's title, and show the currently selected note in the text view. I screwed up a merge from a feature branch so I wasn't to break this branch down into finer steps. This branch is the final result of working through Chapters 7-12 and 14.

The chapter13 branch adds note deletion.

The chapter15 branch adds note saving and loading.

The chapter16 branch adds autosaving using timers.

The chapter17 branch adds undo for deleting notes.

Demonstration Branches

The plain-text branch has a plain text version of the NoteTaker app.

The note-sorting branch sorts the notes in the table view alphabetically by their title.

The toolbar-button-validation branch shows how to validate toolbar button so they're enabled and disabled properly.

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