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// StringProtocolExtensions.swift - Copyright 2020 SwifterSwift
import Foundation
public extension StringProtocol {
/// SwifterSwift: The longest common suffix.
/// "Hello world!".commonSuffix(with: "It's cold!") = "ld!"
/// - Parameters:
/// - Parameter aString: The string with which to compare the receiver.
/// - Parameter options: Options for the comparison.
/// - Returns: The longest common suffix of the receiver and the given String.
func commonSuffix<T: StringProtocol>(with aString: T, options: String.CompareOptions = []) -> String {
return String(zip(reversed(), aString.reversed())
.prefix(while: { (lhs: Character, rhs: Character) in
String(lhs).compare(String(rhs), options: options) == .orderedSame
.map { (lhs: Character, _: Character) in lhs }
#if canImport(Foundation)
/// SwifterSwift: Returns a new string in which all occurrences of a regex pattern in a specified range of the receiver are replaced by the template.
/// - Parameters:
/// - pattern: Regex pattern to replace.
/// - template: The regex template to replace the pattern.
/// - options: Options to use when matching the regex. Only .regularExpression, .anchored .and caseInsensitive are supported.
/// - searchRange: The range in the receiver in which to search.
/// - Returns: A new string in which all occurrences of regex pattern in searchRange of the receiver are replaced by template.
func replacingOccurrences<Target, Replacement>(
ofPattern pattern: Target,
withTemplate template: Replacement,
options: String.CompareOptions = [.regularExpression],
range searchRange: Range<Self.Index>? = nil) -> String where Target: StringProtocol,
Replacement: StringProtocol {
options.isStrictSubset(of: [.regularExpression, .anchored, .caseInsensitive]),
"Invalid options for regular expression replacement")
return replacingOccurrences(
of: pattern,
with: template,
options: options.union(.regularExpression),
range: searchRange)