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SwifterSwift (convenience extensions)


Name Description
appDisplayName App's name (if applicable).
appBundleID App's bundle ID (if applicable).
statusBarHeight StatusBar height
appBuild App current build number (if applicable).
applicationIconBadgeNumber Application icon badge current number.
appVersion App's current version (if applicable).
batteryLevel Current battery level.
currentDevice Shared instance of current device.
screenHeight Screen height.
screenWidth Screen width.
deviceModel Current device model.
deviceName Current device name.
deviceOrientation Current orientation of device.
isInDebuggingMode Check if app is running in debug mode.
isInTestFlight Check if app is running in TestFlight mode.
isMultitaskingSupported Check if multitasking is supported in current device.
isNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible Current status bar network activity indicator state.
isPad Check if device is iPad.
isPhone Check if device is iPhone.
isRegisteredForRemoteNotifications Check if device is registered for remote notifications for current app (read only).
isRunningOnSimulator Check if application is running on simulator (read only).
isStatusBarHidden Status bar visibility state.
keyWindow Key window (read only, if applicable).
mostTopViewController Most top view controller (if applicable).
sharedApplication Shared instance UIApplication.
statusBarStyle Current status bar style (if applicable).
systemVersion System current version (read-only).
userDefaults Shared instance of standard UserDefaults (read-only).


Name Return Description
delay(milliseconds: Double, queue: DispatchQueue = .main, completion: @escaping ()-> Void) -- Delay function or closure call.
debounce(millisecondsDelay: Int, queue: DispatchQueue = .main, action: @escaping (()->())) ()->() Debounce function or closure call.
didTakeScreenShot(_ action: @escaping () -> ()) -- Called when user takes a screenshot
object(forKey: String) Any? Object from UserDefaults.
string(forKey: String) String? String from UserDefaults.
integer(forKey: String) Int? Integer from UserDefaults.
double(forKey: String) Double? Double from UserDefaults.
data(forKey: String) Data? Data from UserDefaults.
bool(forKey: String) Bool? Bool from UserDefaults.
array(forKey: String) [Any]? Array from UserDefaults.
dictionary(forKey: String) [String: Any]? Dictionary from UserDefaults.
float(forKey: String) Float? Float from UserDefaults.
set(value: Any?, forKey: String) -- Save an object to UserDefaults.
typeName(for object: Any) String Class name of object as string.