UIColor Extensions

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UIColor extensions


Name Description
complementary Get color complementary (read-only, if applicable).
redComponent Red component of UIColor (read-only).
greenComponent Green component of UIColor (read-only).
blueComponent blue component of UIColor (read-only).
alpha Alpha of UIColor (read-only).
hexString Hexadecimal value string (read-only).
shortHexString Short hexadecimal value string (read-only, if applicable).
shortHexOrHexString Short hexadecimal value string, or full hexadecimal string if not possible (read-only).
random Random color.


Name Return Description
blend(_ color1: UIColor, intensity1: CGFloat = 0.5, with color2: UIColor, intensity2: CGFloat = 0.5) UIColor Blend two UIColors


Name Description
init(hex: Int, transparency: CGFloat = 1) Create UIColor from hexadecimal value with optional transparency.
init(red: Int, green: Int, blue: Int, transparency: CGFloat = 1) Create UIColor from RGB values with optional transparency.
init?(hexString: String, transparency: CGFloat) Create UIColor from hexadecimal string with optional transparency (if applicable).
init?(complementaryFor color: UIColor) Create UIColor from a complementary of a UIColor (if applicable).


Name Description
social Brand identity color of popular social media platform.
material Material colors
css CSS colors