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SwifterSwift is a collection of over 500 native Swift extensions, with handy methods, syntactic sugar, and performance improvements for wide range of primitive data types, UIKit and Cocoa classes –over 500 in 1– for iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and Linux.


Whats New in v5.3?


  • iOS 10.0+ / tvOS 9.0+ / watchOS 2.0+ / macOS 10.10+ / Ubuntu 14.04+
  • Swift 5.0+

Looking to use SwifterSwift for older versions of Swift

SwifterSwift is Swift v5.0+ compatible starting from v5

  • To use with Swift 3 / Xcode 8.x please ensure you are using v3.1.1.
  • To use with Swift 3.2 / Xcode 9.x please ensure you are using v3.2.0.



To integrate SwifterSwift into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

pod 'SwifterSwift'

- Integrate SwiftStdlib extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/SwiftStdlib'

- Integrate Foundation extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/Foundation'

- Integrate UIKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/UIKit'

- Integrate AppKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/AppKit'

- Integrate MapKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/MapKit'

- Integrate CoreGraphics extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/CoreGraphics'

- Integrate CoreLocation extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/CoreLocation'

- Integrate CryptoKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/CryptoKit'

- Integrate SpriteKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/SpriteKit'

- Integrate SceneKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/SceneKit'

- Integrate StoreKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/StoreKit'

- Integrate Dispatch extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/Dispatch'

- Integrate WebKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/WebKit'

- Integrate HealthKit extensions only:

pod 'SwifterSwift/HealthKit'

To integrate SwifterSwift into your Xcode project using Carthage, specify it in your Cartfile:

github "SwifterSwift/SwifterSwift" ~> 5.3
Swift Package Manager

You can use The Swift Package Manager to install SwifterSwift by adding the proper description to your Package.swift file:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "YOUR_PROJECT_NAME",
    targets: [],
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "", from: "5.3.0")

Next, add SwifterSwift to your targets dependencies like so:

    name: "YOUR_TARGET_NAME",
    dependencies: [

Then run swift package update.

Note that the Swift Package Manager doesn't support building for iOS/tvOS/macOS/watchOS apps – see Accio in the next section for that.


Accio is a dependency manager based on SwiftPM which can build frameworks for iOS/macOS/tvOS/watchOS. Therefore the integration steps are exactly the same as described above. Once your Package.swift file is configured, you need to run accio update instead of swift package update though.


Add the SwifterSwift folder to your Xcode project to use all extensions, or a specific extension.

For your test targets you can also add the XCTest folder.

List of All Extensions

SwiftStdlib Extensions
Foundation Extensions
UIKit Extensions
AppKit Extensions
CoreGraphics Extensions
CoreLocation Extensions
CoreAnimation Extensions
CryptoKit Extensions
MapKit Extensions
SpriteKit Extensions
SceneKit Extensions
StoreKit Extensions
Dispatch Extensions
WebKit Extensions
HealthKit Extensions
XCTest Extensions

How cool is this?

SwifterSwift is a library of over 500 properties and methods, designed to extend Swift's functionality and productivity, staying faithful to the original Swift API design guidelines.

Check Examples.playground from the project for some cool examples!


Documentation for all extensions, with examples, is available at

Get involved

We want your feedback. Please refer to contributing guidelines before participating.

Slack Channel: Slack

It is always nice to talk with other people using SwifterSwift and exchange experiences, so come join our Slack channel.


Special thanks to:


SwifterSwift is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.