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Colorful, flexible, lightweight logging for Swift 2 & Swift 3.
Great for development & release with support for Console, File & cloud platforms.
NEW: Log during release to the conveniently built-in SwiftyBeaver Platform and Mac App!

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During Development: Colored Logging to Xcode Console

Learn more about colored logging to Xcode 8 Console with Swift 3. For Swift 2.3 use this Gist. No need to hack Xcode 8 anymore to get color. You can even customize the log level word (ATTENTION instead of ERROR maybe?), the general amount of displayed data and if you want to use the 💜s or replace them with something else 😉

During Development: Colored Logging to File

Learn more about logging to file which is great for Terminal.app fans or to store logs on disk.

On Release: Encrypted Logging to SwiftyBeaver Platform

Learn more about logging to the SwiftyBeaver Platform during release!

Browse, Search & Filter via Mac App


Conveniently access your logs during development & release with our free Mac App.


  • For Swift 3 install the latest SwiftyBeaver version
  • For Swift 2 install SwiftyBeaver 0.7.0


You can use Carthage to install SwiftyBeaver by adding that to your Cartfile:

Swift 3:

github "SwiftyBeaver/SwiftyBeaver"

Swift 2:

github "SwiftyBeaver/SwiftyBeaver" ~> 0.7


To use CocoaPods just add this to your Podfile:

Swift 3:

pod 'SwiftyBeaver'

Swift 2:

target 'MyProject' do

  # Pods for MyProject
  pod 'SwiftyBeaver', '~> 0.7'

post_install do |installer|
  installer.pods_project.build_configurations.each do |config|
    # Configure Pod targets for Xcode 8 with Swift 2.3
    config.build_settings['SWIFT_VERSION'] = '2.3'

Swift Package Manager

For Swift Package Manager add the following package to your Package.swift file. Just Swift 3 is supported:

.Package(url: "https://github.com/SwiftyBeaver/SwiftyBeaver.git", majorVersion: 1)


Add that near the top of your AppDelegate.swift to be able to use SwiftyBeaver in your whole project.

import SwiftyBeaver
let log = SwiftyBeaver.self

At the the beginning of your AppDelegate:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions() add the SwiftyBeaver log destinations (console, file, etc.), optionally adjust the log format and then you can already do the following log level calls globally:

// add log destinations. at least one is needed!
let console = ConsoleDestination()  // log to Xcode Console
let file = FileDestination()  // log to default swiftybeaver.log file
let cloud = SBPlatformDestination(appID: "foo", appSecret: "bar", encryptionKey: "123") // to cloud

// use custom format and set console output to short time, log level & message
console.format = "$DHH:mm:ss$d $L $M"

// add the destinations to SwiftyBeaver

// Now let’s log!
log.verbose("not so important")  // prio 1, VERBOSE in silver
log.debug("something to debug")  // prio 2, DEBUG in green
log.info("a nice information")   // prio 3, INFO in blue
log.warning("oh no, that won’t be good")  // prio 4, WARNING in yellow
log.error("ouch, an error did occur!")  // prio 5, ERROR in red

// log anything!
log.error(["I", "like", "logs!"])
log.error(["name": "Mr Beaver", "address": "7 Beaver Lodge"])

Server-side Swift

We ❤️ server-side Swift 3 and SwiftyBeaver supports it out-of-the-box! Try for yourself and run SwiftyBeaver inside a Ubuntu Docker container. Just install Docker and then go to your the project folder on macOS or Ubuntu and type:

# create docker image, build SwiftyBeaver and run unit tests
swift build --clean && docker build --rm -t swiftybeaver .

# optionally log into container to run Swift CLI and do more stuff
docker run --rm -it --privileged=true -v $PWD:/app swiftybeaver

Best: for the popular server-side Swift web framework Vapor you can use our Vapor logging provider which makes server logging awesome again 🙌


Getting Started:

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Stay Informed:

More destination & system documentation is coming soon!
Get support via Github Issues, email and public Slack channel.


SwiftyBeaver Framework is released under the MIT License.