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Contributing to SwiftyTesseractRTE

  1. First and foremorest, adhere to the Contributor Code of Conduct!
  2. If you are making a contribution without an open issue, create an issue and then perform a pull request.
  3. If you are adding a feature, you must include a passing test for the new functionality to be considered as well as inline documentation.
  4. Make sure to review any open pull requests before performing your own on an existing issue. There may already be a fix pending review!
  5. Any issues specifically related to OCR should be created in the SwiftyTesseract repo.
  6. Any source breaking changes will be deferred to the next major release.
  7. Last but not least, if you need any help or have ANY questions about contributing to the project you can DM Steven on Twitter @steven_0351 or send an email to
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