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Self-Supervised Learning with Vision Transformers

By Zhenda Xie*, Yutong Lin*, Zhuliang Yao, Zheng Zhang, Qi Dai, Yue Cao and Han Hu

This repo is the official implementation of "Self-Supervised Learning with Swin Transformers".

A important feature of this codebase is to include Swin Transformer as one of the backbones, such that we can evaluate the transferring performance of the learnt representations on down-stream tasks of object detection and semantic segmentation. This evaluation is usually not included in previous works due to the use of ViT/DeiT, which has not been well tamed for down-stream tasks.

It currently includes code and models for the following tasks:

Self-Supervised Learning and Linear Evaluation: Included in this repo. See for a quick start.

Transferring Performance on Object Detection/Instance Segmentation: See Swin Transformer for Object Detection.

Transferring Performance on Semantic Segmentation: See Swin Transformer for Semantic Segmentation.


  • Include down-stream evaluation: the first work to evaluate the transferring performance on down-stream tasks for SSL using Transformers
  • Small tricks: significantly less tricks than previous works, such as MoCo v3 and DINO
  • High accuracy on ImageNet-1K linear evaluation: 72.8 vs 72.5 (MoCo v3) vs 72.5 (DINO) using DeiT-S/16 and 300 epoch pre-training



  1. Self-Supervised models with DeiT-Small on ImageNet-1K (MoBY-DeiT-Small-300Ep-Pretrained, MoBY-DeiT-Small-300Ep-Linear) are provided.
  2. The supporting code and config for self-supervised learning with DeiT-Small are provided.


Initial Commits:

  1. Self-Supervised Pre-training models on ImageNet-1K (MoBY-Swin-T-300Ep-Pretrained, MoBY-Swin-T-300Ep-Linear) are provided.
  2. The supported code and models for self-supervised pre-training and ImageNet-1K linear evaluation, COCO object detection and ADE20K semantic segmentation are provided.


MoBY: a self-supervised learning approach by combining MoCo v2 and BYOL

MoBY (the name MoBY stands for MoCo v2 with BYOL) is initially described in arxiv, which is a combination of two popular self-supervised learning approaches: MoCo v2 and BYOL. It inherits the momentum design, the key queue, and the contrastive loss used in MoCo v2, and inherits the asymmetric encoders, asymmetric data augmentations and the momentum scheduler in BYOL.

MoBY achieves reasonably high accuracy on ImageNet-1K linear evaluation: 72.8% and 75.3% top-1 accuracy using DeiT and Swin-T, respectively, by 300-epoch training. The performance is on par with recent works of MoCo v3 and DINO which adopt DeiT as the backbone, but with much lighter tricks.


Swin Transformer as a backbone

Swin Transformer (the name Swin stands for Shifted window) is initially described in arxiv, which capably serves as a general-purpose backbone for computer vision. It achieves strong performance on COCO object detection (58.7 box AP and 51.1 mask AP on test-dev) and ADE20K semantic segmentation (53.5 mIoU on val), surpassing previous models by a large margin.

We involve Swin Transformer as one of backbones to evaluate the transferring performance on down-stream tasks such as object detection. This differentiate this codebase with other approaches studying SSL on Transformer architectures.

ImageNet-1K linear evaluation

Method Architecture Epochs Params FLOPs img/s Top-1 Accuracy Pre-trained Checkpoint Linear Checkpoint
Supervised Swin-T 300 28M 4.5G 755.2 81.2 Here
MoBY Swin-T 100 28M 4.5G 755.2 70.9 TBA
MoBY1 Swin-T 100 28M 4.5G 755.2 72.0 TBA
MoBY DeiT-S 300 22M 4.6G 940.4 72.8 GoogleDrive/GitHub/Baidu GoogleDrive/GitHub/Baidu
MoBY Swin-T 300 28M 4.5G 755.2 75.3 GoogleDrive/GitHub/Baidu GoogleDrive/GitHub/Baidu
  • 1 denotes the result of MoBY which has adopted a trick from MoCo v3 that replace theLayerNorm layers before the MLP blocks by BatchNorm.

  • Access code for baidu is moby.

Transferring to Downstream Tasks

COCO Object Detection (2017 val)

Backbone Method Model Schd. box mAP mask mAP Params FLOPs
Swin-T Mask R-CNN Sup. 1x 43.7 39.8 48M 267G
Swin-T Mask R-CNN MoBY 1x 43.6 39.6 48M 267G
Swin-T Mask R-CNN Sup. 3x 46.0 41.6 48M 267G
Swin-T Mask R-CNN MoBY 3x 46.0 41.7 48M 267G
Swin-T Cascade Mask R-CNN Sup. 1x 48.1 41.7 86M 745G
Swin-T Cascade Mask R-CNN MoBY 1x 48.1 41.5 86M 745G
Swin-T Cascade Mask R-CNN Sup. 3x 50.4 43.7 86M 745G
Swin-T Cascade Mask R-CNN MoBY 3x 50.2 43.5 86M 745G

ADE20K Semantic Segmentation (val)

Backbone Method Model Crop Size Schd. mIoU mIoU (ms+flip) Params FLOPs
Swin-T UPerNet Sup. 512x512 160K 44.51 45.81 60M 945G
Swin-T UPerNet MoBY 512x512 160K 44.06 45.58 60M 945G

Citing MoBY and Swin


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Swin Transformer

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Getting Started


This is an official implementation for "Self-Supervised Learning with Swin Transformers".








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