Swirl Networks Proximity SDK (Android)
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Swirl Proximity Library

The Swirl platform is designed as a complete proximity platform detecting a variety of proximity signals like geofence, wifi and beacons and managing presence tracking, notification and content delivery. The Swirl library is a component of this system which enables signal detection and content delivery on mobile devices.


  • Simple Interface, Easy to integrate
  • Small footprint, native implementations
  • Geofence: circular and arbitrary polygons
  • Wifi: Enables access points to be used like beacons or geofences
  • Beacon: SecureCast™, Eddystone (URL, UID, EID, TLM) and iBeacon, easy to extend
  • Content: Support for interstitials, deep links and custom content types (optional)

Documentation and Resources

There are a number of additional documents and resources available to facilitate the integration and use of the Swirl Proximity Library.

For Implementation

For Testing

  • BeaconManager in the Play Store which can be used to configure and deploy beacons.
  • Explorer in the Play Store which can be used for testing signals and content.
  • Customer Supoprt: support@swirl.com Support and Testing Services. Swirl appreciates publishers willing to share their integrated application for Swirl testing. This is an added service that we provide you to ensure that your app has been properly integrated with our SDK. Please contact your Swirl Account Manager to schedule this testing.

Release Notes

Version: 3.7.1            Date: 5/20/18

Removed specific lat/long paramters from API calls (under option control, default NO).

Version: 3.7            Date: 4/15/18

Improved support for Android 8.0 (location and background restrictions, notification channels). Updated minimum Google Play Services version to version 11.6.0.

Version: 3.6.1            Date: 2/23/18

Removed dependency that was forcing GCM inclusion when not strictly necessary, documented FCM support. Fixed an issue where ContentViewActivity was always waiting for content to load before displaying. Fixed a crash that could occur when unwinding from a malformed URL exception.

Version: 3.6            Date: 12/20/17

Added support for rich notifications, scheduled push notifications. Added ability to intercept all url intent requests (handleURLIntent on ContentManager) even from tap area widgets in content. Added custom event logging.

Version: 3.5            Date: 09/15/17

Bug fixes, custom event streaming and custom content integrations and samples.

Version: 3.4             Date: 05/15/17

Improved handling and control for apps with No Title/No Actionbar themes. Seamless Google proximity beacon API support.

Version: 3.3             Date: 02/01/17

Replaced up-front device registration with just-in-time device registration (scalability).

Version: 3.2.2          Date: 01/12/17

Minor bug fixes.

Version: 3.2.1          Date: 01/10/17

Minor bug fixes.

Version: 3.2             Date: 01/06/17

Adds support for realtime streaming or events; improved support for eddystone; added improved security for API requests; added support for enter/exit zone signals, other bug fixes.

Version: 3.1             Date: 10/21/16

Support for Google Nearby APIs (NearbyManager) added to library and examples.

Version: 3.0             Date: 9/22/16

This is the initial release of **Swirl-Release.aar** which represents a completely rearchitected and rewritten code base for Android.


We have included our standard commercial license, but this repository is public currently for technical reasons ONLY and its accessibility should not be considered a grant of any rights. Please see Swirl for more details or email us at sales@swirl.com if you are interested in using our products.