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  1. grafter grafter Public

    Linked Data & RDF Manufacturing Tools in Clojure

    Clojure 184 17

  2. cubiql cubiql Public

    CubiQL: A GraphQL service for querying multidimensional Linked Data Cubes

    Clojure 40 2

  3. csv2rdf csv2rdf Public

    Clojure library and command line application for converting CSV to RDF. An implementation of the W3C CSVW specifications

    HTML 25 6

  4. matcha matcha Public

    🍵 An in memory graph database with SPARQL-like DSL for querying Linked Data Models

    Clojure 20

  5. Public

    Static site generator for

    HTML 2 1

  6. ook ook Public

    Structural search engine

    Clojure 6


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