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Grafter - Linked Data & RDF Processing

Clojars Project

"For the hard graft of linked data processing."

Grafter is a Clojure library for linked data processing. It is mature and under active development.

It provides support for all common RDF serialisations and includes a library of functions for querying and writing to SPARQL repositories.


Where can I find the api-docs?

Latest docs

Legacy docs

Didn't grafter also contain tools for tabular processing?

As of 0.9.0 the grafter.tabular library has been moved into a separate repository so the core grafter library can focus on processing linked data.

This part of the library is now considered deprecated. If you depend on it you can still use it, and it may receive occaisional maintainance updates.

If you're looking to start a greenfield project then you can easily wire up any capable CSV/excel parser to the RDF processing side of grafter.


Copyright © 2014 Swirrl IT Ltd.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License version 1.0, the same as Clojure.