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"For the hard graft of linked data processing."

Grafter is a library, DSL and suite of tools for flexible, efficient, ETL, data
transformation and processing. Its primary use is for handling Linked Data
conversions from tabular data formats into RDF's graph data format, but it is
equally adept at handling tabular data conversions.
Grafter is a [Clojure]( library for linked data
processing. It is mature and under active development.

See the official grafter website at [](
for more details.
It provides support for all common RDF serialisations and
includes a library of functions for querying and writing to SPARQL

For the Grafter rationale see our blog post:
[The hard graft of Linked Data ETL](
## FAQ

## What plans are there for Grafter?
*Where can I find the api-docs?*

Grafter is currently in the early stages of development, however
[Swirrl]( has been using it to transform
significant amounts of data for our clients within the government.

Grafter is currently an API and a small DSL for converting tabular
data into Linked Data. However we have ambitious plans to develop a
suite of tools on top of it. These tools are planned to include:
*Didn't grafter also contain tools for tabular processing?*

1. Command line tools for data processing.
1. Import services to load pipelines and execute predefined data
1. A Graphical ETL Tool to assist non-programmers in creating data
transformation pipelines.
As of 0.9.0 the `grafter.tabular` library has been moved into a
[separate repository]( so
the core grafter library can focus on processing linked data.

## Development
This part of the library is now considered deprecated. If you depend
on it you can still use it, and it may receive occaisional
maintainance updates.

Grafter is deployed on the standard Clojure build repository

To use the Grafter API please add the following dependency to your Clojure
projects `project.clj` file. For more details on how to do this see
the [leiningen]( build tool:

[![Clojars Project](](

**NOTE:** The public documentation, template projects and leiningen
plugin have not yet been updated to conform to the latest 0.8.x
versions of grafter. If you wish to use these please use the `0.7.6`

## Versioning

We are currently following a `MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH` versioning scheme,
but are anticipating significant breaking API changes between minor
versions at least until we reach `1.0.0`.

`PATCH` versions should be backwardly compatible with previous `MINOR`

Releases will be tagged with an appropriate tag indicating their

We are currently producing API docs for the master branch and all
tagged releases.

- [API docs (master branch)](
- [API docs (all releases)](

Additionally []( contains a
[quick start guide]( and
supplementary documentation.

## Getting Started

There is a comprehensive
[getting started guide]( on the
project website.
If you're looking to start a greenfield project then you can easily
wire up any capable CSV/excel parser to the RDF processing side of

## License

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Copyright © 2014 Swirrl IT Ltd.

## Latest Releases

Release notes are no longer updated in this file, but are managed via
github. For information on the latest releases since 0.7.6 please

## 2016-08-31

`VERSION 0.7.6`

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