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RENKU (連句) is a software platform designed to foster multidisciplinary (data) science collaboration.
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RENKU (連句)

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Renku is a highly-scalable & secure open software platform designed to foster multidisciplinary data (science) collaboration.

The platform allows practitioners to:

  • Securely manage, share and process large-scale data across untrusted parties operating in a federated environment.
  • Capture complete lineage automatically up to the original raw data for detailed traceability (auditability & reproducibility).

Starting the platform

For local development and testing, we provide a script that takes care of all the boilerplate. To start Renku on your laptop, you will need minikube installed.

$ make minikube-deploy

You can find more details about the minikube setup in the development on minikube documentation.

More information about the helm charts can be found in the charts/README.rst file.

Where to go next

The full documentation is available at

First-time users should try our first steps tutorial.


We're happy to receive contributions of all kinds, whether it is an idea for a new feature, a bug report or a pull request.

Please make sure that the integration tests pass and the documentation builds without warnings and errors before creating a pull request:

$ make minikube-deploy
$ make test

To build the documentation from source:

$ pip install -r docs/requirements.txt
$ cd docs && make html


To submit a bug report or a feature request, please open an issue. For other inquiries contact the Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC)

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