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  1. cmi-viaduc cmi-viaduc Public

    Solution of the Online Access, includes 4 code repositories.

    11 1

  2. version-link version-link Public

    HTML 3 1

  3. tcc-metadata-anonymization tcc-metadata-anonymization Public

    An named-entity-recognition (NER) based anonymizer for archival documents metadata.

    Jupyter Notebook 3

  4. cmi-viaduc-web-core cmi-viaduc-web-core Public

    The present repository is an Angular library. This library is used in the other two applications public access (cmi-viaduc-web-frontend) and internal management (cmi-viaduc-web-management) as a com…

    TypeScript 2

  5. lindas-admin-ch lindas-admin-ch Public

    CSS 2 1

  6. cmi-viaduc-web-frontend cmi-viaduc-web-frontend Public

    The present repository provides the source code of an Angular application that constitutes the public part of the online access.

    TypeScript 1


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