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Welcome to the OpenMalaria wiki on GitHub.

OpenMalaria is an open source C++ program for simulating malaria epidemiology and the impacts on that epidemiology of interventions against malaria. It is based on microsimulations of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in humans, originally developed for simulating malaria vaccines and described here. These models simulate the dynamics of malaria parasitaemia in the course of an infection, of transmission, of immunity, and of the processes leading to illness and death. The system is set up to simulate malaria in village, or district size human populations. OpenMalaria can be run as a stand-alone program or via various interfaces as described here.

This wiki details the model components required to capture the transmission of malaria, the processes leading to malaria disease and the action of interventions.

Getting Started

OpenMalaria How-To - An easy guide to downloading and installing OpenMalaria, and running your first scenario.

Additional information

A glossary of useful terms related to OpenMalaria can be found here

Selected publications can be found here.

Three introductory PowerPoint presentations providing an idea of some of the capabilities of OpenMalaria are: Key Attributes, Drug Interventions, Vector Interventions.

Applications of OpenMalaria

Advanced Installation Guide

Download OpenMalaria

Detailed Instructions for Running OpenMalaria


The OpenMalaria development team includes staff of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Financial support is from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Offline Documentation

In case you wish to have access to the documentation on this wiki without an internet connection, you can clone this repository:

git clone

If you want to be able to change wiki pages with git you need to clone the wiki via git clone and provide an SSH-key in your user options.

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