Adds some functionalities to the unicorn framework in order to ease tracing of changes in memory
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Unicorn Memory Tracer

this is a simple python module that allows to trace memory changes during program execution in the unicorn framework.


This project is released under the GPL license.


pip install unicorn_tracer

Alternative method:

git clone
python install


Replace any instanciation of the Uc class by the TracedUc one. mem_map function has been redefined to take two more parameters into account: trace, continuous_tracing

the "trace" parameter activates memory tracing functionality, but without continuous_tracing parameter set to True, you will need to define code addresses as checkpoints in order to check memory diffs by using MemoryregionTracer.add_code_checkpoint(code_address), the MemoryRegionTracer is returned by the mem_map function, but can also be retrieved by calling tracedUc.get_memory_regions() or TracedUc.get_memory_region(memory_address).


from unicorn_tracer import TracedUc

def on_changes_detected(uc, code_address, memory_mapping, memory_image1, memory_image2):
    print("At code addesss {}".format(hex(code_address)))
    diffs = memory_mapping.get_differences(memory_image1, memory_image2) '''returns memory diffs between the 
                                                                            two memory images'''
    uc.get_terminal().print_differences_light(memory_mapping, memory_image1, memory_image2) '''a litle class that
                                                                                                eases diffs printing'''

if __name__=="__main__":
    mu = TracedUc(UC_ARCH_X86, UC_MODE_32)
    mem_region = mu.mem_map(0x8049000, 0x1000, trace=True, continuous_tracing=False)
    mem_region.add_code_checkpoint(0x8048080) '''will check diffs in this memory segment just before the 
    instruction at address 0x8048080 is executed.'''

For more examples, you can take a look at the files into the tests/ directory.