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The idea of this mini project is very simple:

- algorithmically construct an artificial language
- algorithmically write a poem in said language

A lot of the theoretical work behind language creation has been summed up from

Mostly because I've already used the page during my brief fantasy writing stint for creating artificial languages and I know it works.


The language generation algorithm is divided into layers.

0. List of phonems with defined pronounciation
0.1 List of pleasantness of phonems
0.2 Syllable constraints for number of consonants and vowels
1. Generate syllables, making sure they conform to the defined structure,
   	    	       optimizing for simplicity and pleasantness
2. Generate words, optimizing for simplicity and pleasantness,
   	    	   trying to generate words mostly in an etymologycal way
3. Generate lexicon, optimizing for even word simplicity distribution and variety,
   	    	     making sure that ratios of verbs and nouns etc. are sane
4. Generate sentence structure
5. Generate a way to inflict sentences, optimizing for distinguishability
6. Generate a way to present tense, optimizing for simplicity

1. Generate poetic structure, optimize for structure -> rhymes, sound flow etc.
2. Generate sequences of sentences, optimize for poetic structure
3. Generate meaningful poetry, optimize for "meaning" flow
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