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Murray is a pet programming language; designed to be a lisp for python without parentheses
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Murray is a[n esoteric] programming language named after the talking demonic skull in Monkey Island

some notes on design principles:

the compiler must be written in murray (eventually)

murray compiles to python

murray is a lisp for python

but without the parentheses

the code should be short and succint, but not so much as golfscript, the idea is elegance (and funnines)


figure out why the equivalent of "else" doesn't work in question (consuming two arguments, which are both functions with their own arguments)

looping constructs

user-defined functions

optional arguments


Language Spec

This is where the language specifications go as I think of them

Lines starting with # are ignored (comments)

Single-character functions are left-connectable -> interpreted as functions even when last character of something else

Functions can take any number of argumetns from either the right or the left side
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