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Every 3 days Personal-Runway predicts what my bank account will look like in two weeks and sends me an email. Income is gleamed from my Toggl account, expenses come from Toshl. The fetching and emailing logic is built with node.js, predictions and graphs in haskell.

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The basic idea:

 - fetch toshl csv
 - toggl.js script to fetch toggl data via api
 - create dataset for regression
 - run regression
 - script that does all this periodically
 - send email report every week

# Running it

To use this you will need
- node.js
- mongodb
- haskell
- a Toshl account
- a Toggl account
- a sendgrid account

Put everything into a directory. Fill in your sendgrid data in ./secrets.js, then fill out your Toggl and Toshl data in ./fetching/secrets.js

After that you just need to set up a cronjob to run ./runner.js every X days (I think 3 days is a good choice)
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