A starter HTML5 app for Bushido. Just fork, click deploy, and your app is out in the world!
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Bushido HTML5 Starter APP


This is an app that's deployable in one-click to Bushido, a robust and completely open hosting platform for Rails 2 Rails 3 Sinatra HTML5 apps, of course :)

Customizing and deployment

Simply fork this repo (there's a 'fork' button up above), edit the files under the public/ folder, and copy your git url into the box at http://bushi.do/. You can even edit it in your browser via GitHub's interface!

Other Steps

There aren't any... but if you're bored, we can suggest some extra steps.

  • After deploying, be sure to check out the local Salsa Dance classes.
  • Rub your tummy vigorously. Alternatively, rub your cat's tummy vigorously.
  • Nothing, just use your app!


Here are the famous HTML5 rocks slides deployed on Bushido - link | repo


Shoot me an email, I'm s at bushi.do, and happy to help out.


Paul Irish - Awesome HTML5 Boilerplate resource

Divya Manian - Same

The HTML5 Rocks Team - For a great example of how nice HTML5 apps can be (and how easy they can be to deploy!)


Released under MIT license