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Bushido HTML5 Starter APP


This is an app that's deployable in one-click to Bushido, a robust and completely open hosting platform for Rails 2 Rails 3 Sinatra HTML5 apps, of course :)

Customizing and deployment

Simply fork this repo (there's a 'fork' button up above), edit the files under the public/ folder, and copy your git url into the box at You can even edit it in your browser via GitHub's interface!

Other Steps

There aren't any... but if you're bored, we can suggest some extra steps.

  • After deploying, be sure to check out the local Salsa Dance classes.
  • Rub your tummy vigorously. Alternatively, rub your cat's tummy vigorously.
  • Nothing, just use your app!


Here are the famous HTML5 rocks slides deployed on Bushido - link | repo


Shoot me an email, I'm s at, and happy to help out.


Paul Irish - Awesome HTML5 Boilerplate resource

Divya Manian - Same

The HTML5 Rocks Team - For a great example of how nice HTML5 apps can be (and how easy they can be to deploy!)


Released under MIT license