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A jquery plugin that turns multiselect fields into a field of checkboxes.
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This is a simple javascript thing for turning awkward multiselects into something users can understand and you can work with.

It depends on Backbone, Handlebars and jQuery.

You can see it in action over here:


  • Get the source
  • Add Backbone ->
  • Add Handlebars ->
  • Add a template for checkboxes

    <div id="checkbox-template" style="display:none">
      <div style="display:inline-block">
        <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox_{{id}}" />
        <label for="checkbox_{{id}}">{{label}}</label>
  • You're done!



// there are also some options
    // a handlebars template for the checkboxes (default: #checkbox-template)
    template: "#checkbox-template",

    // placeholder for checkboxes (default: one is created)
    checkboxes: null,

    // hide the original multiselect or not (default: yup)
    hide: true

    // display "select all" (default: true)
    show_select_all: true

    // labels for select_all control
    select_all: "Select all",
    deselect_all: "Deselect all"



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