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This project started because I wanted to use instagram's API in node.js and there were no libraries yet.

Since everything is so fresh spanking new, forks/pull-requests much appreciated.


The library is intended to be used as a thin wrapper over the basic Instagram API, so the idea is to keep everything as similar to the original as possible.

Every method should be passed some parameters if needed and a callback function. The callback should accept a result and an error argument.

The convention being that when the error is null, the result contains media as returnd from the API, and when something goes wrong error is the status code as returned by the API and the result is the meta info the API returned.

For example:

var instagram = require('instagram').createClient('<client_id>', '<client_secret>');

// fetch media by id'<id>', function (images, error) { ... });

// fetch popular media (images, error) { ... });

// search media{lat: <some latitude>,
                     lng: <some longitude>},
            function (images, error) { ... });


Some sort of BSD or MIT license, the general idea being:

  • this is open source
  • you must give credit where credit is due
  • not viral such as GPL
  • you still can't change the license though
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