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SyGuS Tools

This repository contains tools to parse and manipulate SyGuS files.

Bug reports are very much appreciated, while pull requests with fixes for the bugs are even more highly appreciated!

Use the script to install Python 3+ dependencies.

Checkers and Converters

  1. Checking if a file conforms to the SyGuS language standard:
# Check if /path/to/ is a valid SyGuS v2 file

python3 -m sygus.bin.check -s 2 /path/to/
  1. Converting a file to a different version of the SyGuS language standard:
# Convert /path/to/ from SyGuS v1 to SyGuS v2

python3 -m sygus.bin.convert -s 1 -t 2 /path/to/

Scripts for Batch Processing

  1. Use the script to check entire directories (recursively):
./scripts/ -s 1 /path/to/dir_1 /path/to/dir_2

See ./scripts/ -h for more options.

  1. Use the script to convert an entire directory (recursively):
./scripts/ -s 1 -t 2 -o /path/to/out_dir /path/to/in_dir

The script generates an identical directory structure under the out_dir output directory. It generates a file named for every successfully converted file, and a file named with the error messages for every file that it failed to convert.
See ./scripts/ -h for more options.


A set of basic tools for manipulating SyGuS benchmarks



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