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Commits on Oct 11, 2014
  1. mm: pksm: Separate pksm tuning sysfs

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Oct 1, 2014
    Allow for stock pksm values on init.
    CM's tunings for ksm were sub-optimal for pksm; which
    works differently.
    Change-Id: Ie3688f302119630adea8cfbc86a177411c034c61
Commits on Oct 8, 2014
Commits on Oct 6, 2014
Commits on Oct 4, 2014
  1. arm: memutils: Do not build duplicate memcpy

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Oct 4, 2014
    The memcpy in arch/arm/lib isn't needed for msm memutils.
    Change-Id: Ibf9d2db271d572d95942020112b49740bcb338a4
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  2. Revert "msm: memutils: memcpy, memmove, copy_page optimization"

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Oct 4, 2014
    Incorrect patch is incorrect.
    This reverts commit 8442033.
Commits on Oct 1, 2014
  1. mm: pksm: Use hash_cmp for x86 only

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Oct 1, 2014
    Change-Id: I122aaa39e70b39c04bcd6d15f1aa82f31eda45dd
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  2. mm: pksm: Attempt to fix null pointer dereference

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Oct 1, 2014
    Remove unneeded initializations & structure alloc_stable_anon to be
    more like its non-anon counterpart in ksm.
    (2 days of testing show no null pointer dereferencing)
    Change-Id: Ica923048f7eb9127621b59e0b0e0d8135cd87cb9
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  3. mm: pksm: Optimize is_full_zero for ARM

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 28, 2014
    Include a slightly more optimized is_full_zero, using bits from
    ARM's memcmp.
    Change-Id: I1403bdd13639f66284dc9a08e56a811031cd1b15
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  4. mm: pksm: Clean up warnings

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 28, 2014
    Skimp out on some unused functions.
    Also fix:
    mm/pksm.c: In function 'is_full_zero':
    mm/pksm.c:156:23: warning: initialization discards 'const' qualifier from pointer target type [enabled by default]
    Change-Id: I65cf0de70aaf0708cc57e278682358cad6f5fed8
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  5. mm: pksm: Split common ksm sysfs from pksm (for CM init)

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 28, 2014
    CyanogenMod modifies ksm on init, so keep the common ksm sysfs files
    in their original place.
    Change-Id: I43bc7028092953ead37077931ab95270630dbe8c
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 28, 2014
  1. mm: pksm: Provide support to use deferred timers for scanner thread

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 28, 2014
    Based on CodeAurora's dd4c913, allowing
    pksm to use deferred timers in the same manner as ksm.
    Change-Id: Iecfe35eafbc957f8abde6fd69a3abd72b363d6a2
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 25, 2014
  1. Revert "d2: disable standalone power collapse"

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Mar 24, 2014
    This reverts commit 9a04209.
  2. drivers: inv_mpu: Make AK8975 selftest optional

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jun 28, 2014
    Add Kconfig option to enable AK8975 sensor selftest
    Change-Id: If6b98b97b31e3b5a60ea0eb2767c73c1961a49ec
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  3. cpufreq: interactive: Compare target load(s) to frequency scaled to load

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 20, 2014
    Make cpu scaling less jumpy by comparing target load to the frequency
    that would be used at current cpu load (as it was before it was replaced by
    target load(s)).
    Based off ideas in ChromeOS's removal of target_load &
    Although completely removing target_load(s) causes cpufreq to fluctuate
    Change-Id: I14f8e6dda5ca542463b1233da26720d17d91d85b
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  4. cpufreq: interactive: Simplify go_hispeed_load usage

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 18, 2014
    This should give the same effect, without all the duplicated code.
    Change-Id: I0949a52007016960dfc0831194380c07a8cdff20
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 24, 2014
  1. Makefile: Optimizations

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 1, 2014
    - -pipe
    - floating-point optimzations for vfp
    Change-Id: Ic4a87b51d53bb7e4652ff91e64389a54e71fc658
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  2. d2_build: Update for moduleless install

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 24, 2014
    Modules are no longer a part of CM.
    Comment out some stuff that might be reused later.
    Change-Id: Idb976c9a6786e8540d5dc17f7a5f8ba70257dd18
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  3. Modifications for Harkness2

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 10, 2014
    This commit just updates version, etc.
    Update to latest CodeBench toolchain (2014.05-28)
    Update localversion
    Change-Id: Iaebfc73d3e4f18fe39f0b0055aef279450260b48
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 9, 2014
  1. sched: bld: Import updates from BLD-3.16 patch

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 9, 2014
    While the header states that the latest patch for 3.16 is just a rebase,
    this version contains an important improvement from the 3.13-rc1 release.
    Fixes occasional kernel panics that seemed to be caused by improperly
    calling on bld_select_task_rq when sd_flags != SD_BALANCE_FORK.
    Change-Id: Ie4ece53650c9f52e8a2db4ef4daa8d5d816c436f
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 7, 2014
  1. sched: bld: Import updates from BLD-3.13-rc1 patch

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 7, 2014
    This brings up BLD implementation to the most current one. The 3.16
    patch is only a rebase of this one by the looks of it.
    Allows for rt tasks and sched normal taks to be treated differenty.
    Change-Id: Ia00b18f4f4c806fc9756c4b486aef17f949c3f4c
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  2. sched: bld: Import changes from BLD-3.9-rc4 patch

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 7, 2014
    Cleans up a lot of warnings and updates bld rq usage.
    Change-Id: I026253b160ee6cfc3313fa0e459c5ef9c29d5b77
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Sep 6, 2014
  1. sched: bld: Backport 3.5.0 patch of the BLD algorithm

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Sep 6, 2014
    The Barbershop Load Distribution Algorigthm or BLD tries to distribute
    the load properly by only tracking lowest and highest loaded rq of the
    system. This technique distributes load amonst the CPUs in a way as if
    load balancer isn't needed and to make load distribution easier.
    Change-Id: I9849c7c5068ca4ffc9533ce23d3001aad854eb11
    Signed-off-by: Rakib Mullick <>
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Aug 4, 2014
  1. d2: defconfig: Fix bcmdhd fw path

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Aug 4, 2014
    Upon concating revision for bcmdhd, the bcmdhd driver appends the
    chip version to fw path. The current fw path can cause issues upon
    enablement due to setting the firmware path to:
    Change-Id: I664bd3e4594673c1fce91219d99df3821661274e
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Jul 29, 2014
  1. inv_mpu: Makefile/Kconfig: Fix up & simplify some configs

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed with nardholio Jun 12, 2014
    Seems Samsung might have derp'd a few config-related changes.
    This allows for proper usage of the MPU_SENSORS_MPU6050_GYRO config
    and makes selftest parts optional.
      drivers/misc/inv_mpu/Kconfig:52⚠️ defaults for choice values not supported
    Change-Id: I80c476c3e8723403a580c9d25ecfe38bc84ddb3b
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Jul 9, 2014
  1. GammaControl: Fix userspace/kernelspace default mismatch

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 9, 2014
    Change-Id: I8ecd6a0cdab2c4dbb1dc90b632478fbbbf05e18c
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
  2. GammaControl: Only apply tuner params that are modified

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 8, 2014
    Lighten up on the number of rgb shift calculations & only apply
    modified tuner params.
    Change-Id: Ie6e0d1957f64fc4fa69fbb7af2447c02e85dcbde
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>
Commits on Jul 8, 2014
  1. GammaControl: Print when tuner is out of bounds

    SyNtheticNightmar3 committed Jul 8, 2014
    Allow the kernel to print err when the tuner is set out of bounds
    and resets to 0.
    Change-Id: I7561a93d95f5b673ba5c587e80a7540532591487
    Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <>