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  1. Seth Seth Public

    Perform a MitM attack and extract clear text credentials from RDP connections

    Python 1.3k 325

  2. hallucinate hallucinate Public

    One-stop TLS traffic inspection and manipulation using dynamic instrumentation

    JavaScript 238 18

  3. WireBug WireBug Public

    WireBug is a toolset for Voice-over-IP penetration testing

    Python 167 34

  4. smbcrawler smbcrawler Public

    smbcrawler is no-nonsense tool that takes credentials and a list of hosts and 'crawls' (or 'spiders') through those shares

    Python 132 13

  5. outis outis Public

    outis is a custom Remote Administration Tool (RAT) or something like that. It was build to support various transport methods (like DNS) and platforms (like Powershell).

    Python 123 56

  6. hashcathelper hashcathelper Public

    Convenience tool for hashcat

    Python 102 2


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