Training material for the Sydney Ethereum Developer Workshop
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Ethereum Training Material

This is a repository for the SydEthereum development workshop on 19 June 2016 at Tyro Fintech Hub

##Pre workshop


Attendees will have to be registered to access the secure building. Please complete the following register form before the event

Install Node.js

Attendees will need a laptop with node.js installed on it. Node.js can be downloaded from

If you are not on a Windows machine then it's recommended that you install Node Version Manager. NVM allows you to easily swtich between different version of node.js which might be supported by different node.js servers, frameworks or libraries. Installation instructions can be found at

Install Telegram

On the day the instructors will use the existing Ethereum Australia group on Telegram to share code snippets, links and useful information. Please install Telegram and use the following link to join the Ethereum Australia group

Workshop sessions

  • Installing and using geth and Mist - Luke Anderson
  • Solidity 101 - Nick Addison
  • Build, deploy and test using Truffle - Vojdan [Voi-dan] Kardalev
  • JavaScript API - Emma Poposka
  • Contract design patterns - Hugo O'Connor

Technologies that will be covered on the day will be

Ethereum Support

Other Ethereum tools

Build, deployment and testing

Extensions to code editors