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Meetup token

An Ethereum ERC20 compatible token for members of a group.

Smart Contract

The solidity code for the smart contract is in transferableToken.sol

The Sydney Ethereum contract address on main net is 0xe06eda7435ba749b047380ced49121dde93334ae

The contract can be viewed Etherscan at

The Application Binary Interface (ABI) for the contract is in TransferableMeetupToken.abi


Once Node.js has been installed run the following

npm install meetup-token


./mcoin.js [options] [command]

    -k, --key <key>                Meetup API key
    -m, --meetupName <meetupName>  Meetup name. eg SydEthereum
    -h, --wshost <wsHost>          Host of WS-RPC server listening interface (default: "localhost")
    -p, --wsport <wsPort>          Post of WS-RPC server listening interface (default: "8546")
    -o, --owner <owner>            Address of contract owner
    -c, --contract <contract>      Contract address of the Meetup token
    -b, --contractBlock <contractBlock>  Block the Meetup token contract was deployed
    -s, --symbol <symbol>          Symbol of the Mettup token (default "SET")
    -t, --tokenName <tokenName>    Name of the Meetup token (default "Transferable Sydney Ethereum Token")
    -h, --help                     output usage information

    deploy      deploy new Meetup token contract
    members     Issue tokens to new members of the Meetup
    event <id>  Issue tokens to members who attended a Meetup event with Meetup event id


Configuration files are under the config folder. The command options will override any configured values.

  • logger.yaml sets the logging level
  • meetup.yaml sets the Meetup API key and meetup name.
  • token.yaml sets Ethereum node connection details and details about the token smart contract.


This project is primarily about getting the Sydney Ethereum community to collaborate on a project and explore the uses of an Ethereum token. The initial thoughts are it could be used for voting rights and promotional offers. It'll be open to the community to further innovate with the token.

The other reason for the project is to give the members of the community who have not been hands on with Ethereum encouragement to setup a wallet and explore the Ethereum ecosystem. Since they are getting the token for free, it's a good way to bring people in and start thinking about how tokens could be used in their lives. This could be for community, business, government, study or anything else.

How does it work?

Members will enter their public Ethereum address in their introduction section of their meetup profile. The introduction is different for each meetup group they are a member of so different tokens can be used for different groups. The public key can be anywhere in the intro field as the program will just selected the first word that complies to the Ethereum address rules. eg start with 0x and is then 40 hexadecimal characters. eg 0x93B7fe67cb18D5900a19C25C4a72240392502c6d

When a member joins the meetup group and have entered their Ethereum address in their intro, a number of tokens will be issued to them. When they attend a meetup more tokens will be issued to them. The amount of tokens issued is configurable and is up to the meetup group to decide their rules.



This project comes with scripts to run a development instance of geth to test deploying a token contract and issuing tokens to it.

Initial Setup

In the scripts folder, run the following commands on a Mac OSX or Linux platform

cd scripts
chmod a+x

This is start a new development blockchain using the genesis.json file. The chain data will be under testchain in the geth folder.

Starting Geth

If the above initial setup has already been done, the development geth node can be started with

cd scripts
chmod a+x


Starting Parity

In the scripts folder, run the following commands on a Mac OSX or Linux platform

cd scripts
chmod a+x

This is start a new development blockchain using the meetupChainSpec.json specification file and parityDevConfig.toml config file. The chain data will be under testchain in the parity folder.


This project was an excuse to try out a number of new technologies including

  • Ethereum
  • Geth
  • Parity
  • Ethereum Web3 1.0 client
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript Promises
  • JavaScript async/await
  • Websockets


Donations to Sydney Ethereum can be made to:

  • Ether:, ENS donate.sydethereum.eth 0xF777fc174776879eeD1855560C37Eded66389a3b
  • Bitcoin: 1GBJdLEFseZqksQCMSAzNudaANkHkxpjx2