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draw images on maps
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SydMontague Release Version 0.5.0
Huge shoutout to BaronyCraft for contributing these features!
- Prevent users from escaping the /images folder
- allow reloading images from console
- cancel placement by right clicking air (requires item in hand)
- allow downloading images from the web to the /images folder
-- /imagemap <fileName> download <URL>
-- requires permission
- /imagemap <fileName> info command to get dimensions of image
- display space requirements before placement
- added scale parameter
-- /imagemap <fileName> scale <tilesX> <tilesY>
-- scales to fit in given constraints, but keeps aspect ratio
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src/main Stop using player names as key in Maps... Apr 6, 2019
pom.xml Release Version 0.5.0 Apr 6, 2019
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