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A browser plugin that enables pull to refresh on chrome and safari.

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Pull to refresh browser extension

Download Instructions

Hit up one of the following links to install the precompiled extension package.


Version 1.1.1 (minor)

  • Removed nice CSS3 animation of the arrow. This is causing UI glitches in chrome.

Version 1.1

  • Stopped pull to refresh from working if you scroll up the page quickly, as this isn't desired behaviour.
  • Allowed release from pull to refresh if you scroll back down again.

Current support: Google Chrome and Safari on Mac OS X Lion

Enables pull to refresh functionality on every page in your browser. This is only truly supported on Mac OS X Lion due to the multitouch scrolling capabilities and negative scrolling of the web page.

Brought to you by...

The wee tidys: @johnathan1707, @peteyhawkins and @stuartgibson.

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