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Sylius Docker Environment

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This project is intended as boilerplate and for bootstrapping your 100% dockerized Sylius development environment. It can also be used as blueprint to use in an automated deployment pipeline achieving Dev/Prod-Parity.

The development environment consists of 3 containers, running

You can control, customize and extend the behaviour of this environment with make - see make help for details. It is built around the principles and ideas of the Docker Make Stub.



Because docker-compose.yml uses Compose file format 2.1 at least Docker version 1.12 ist required for this environment.


git clone sylius-docker
make help
make up
make console CMD=sylius:install

Accessing services and ports

Service Port Internal DNS Exported
Sylius (HTTP) 8000 sylius Yes
MySQL 3606 mysql Yes
MailHog (SMTP) 1025 mailhog No
MailHog (HTTP) 8025 mailhog Yes

Customizing docker-compose.yml

You can create a docker-compose.local.yml to further extend the docker-compose configuration by overloading the existing YAML configuration. If this file exists make up will recognize and add it as -f docker-compose.local.yml when executing docker-compose.

For example:

version: '2'

      - ADDITIONAL_ENV=yesplease

Please note array elements (ports, environments, volumes, ...) will get merged and not replaced. If you want to see this happen have a look at and vote for this PR.

To change the e.g. exposed ports for your local environment you have to edit docker-compose.yml for now.

Running Symfony Console

You can always execute Symfony Console either by getting an interactive shell in the application container using make shell. For some a more convenient way might be using make console which is a wrapper for that.

When using the wrapper target you can pass arguments to console by using the CMD variable:

make console CMD=sylius:install
make console CMD="sylius:user:promote"
make console CMD="sylius:theme:assets:install web --symlink --relative"

Support for you Deployment Pipeline



  • Integrate an Asset Builder
  • Run sylius:install when required
  • Run composer create-project when required (required for volume mount)
  • PR #15: Predefine project and network name (currently docker-compose generates one based on the root directory name)