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[DEPRACATED] Sylius sandbox application, playground and testing place for Sylius and Symfony2 beginners.
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bin Composer lock file should be commited to repository
features Move Behat features outside /src directory, update travis config
public Added vagrant configuration
sandbox Remove hardcoded euro symbol and use configuration sylius.currency
spec/Sylius/Bundle/SandboxBundle Initial taxation and adjustments integration
src/Sylius/Bundle/SandboxBundle Fix blog frontend routing
vagrant Merge pull request #105 from whisller/added_readme_for_vagrant
.gitignore Add .dist Capifony files
.travis.yml Update .travis.yml Rename 'SandboxCoreBundle' to 'SyliusSandboxBundle', use CDNs for assets
Capfile Add .dist Capifony files
LICENSE Depracate sandbox
behat.yml.dist Fix Behat default configuration
composer.json Add general settings
composer.lock Map address interfaces and use update addressing bundle

Sylius-Sandbox Build status...

DEPRACATED! The development has been moved to Sylius/Sylius repository and to proper bundles.
If you start new project with Sylius, please use the application mentioned above.

Sylius is developer friendly e-commerce framework built on top of Symfony2.

MIT License

License can be found here.

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