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open Sys;;
open Unix;;
open ActorsType;;
open ActorsGlobal;;
open Actorssg;;
let rec bonjour q =
react bj
and bj m =
match m with
| ("bonjour", [S s]) -> Printf.printf "%s\n%!" s; bonjour [];
| _ -> Printf.printf "Wrong Message"; bonjour [];;
let treat_connect i o clientset =
let s = input_value i in
mutex_lock n_mutex;
if (Hashtbl.mem nodes s) then begin Printf.printf "This node already exists\n%!"; close_out o;
mutex_unlock n_mutex end
else begin output_value o local_node;
flush o;
let ac = create() in
let t = Thread.create receive_remote (i, s) in
let hst = {name = s; agent = ac; support = t} in
Hashtbl.add nodes s hst;
start ac (fun() -> sender o);
Printf.printf "Noeud distant : %n\n%!" end;
mutex_unlock n_mutex;;
let rec restart_on_EINTR f x =
try f x with Unix.Unix_error (Unix.EINTR, _, _) -> restart_on_EINTR f x;;
let install_tcp_server_socket addr =
let s = Unix.socket Unix.PF_INET Unix.SOCK_STREAM 0 in
Unix.bind s addr;
Unix.listen s 10;
with z -> Unix.close s; raise z;;
let tcp_server treat_connection addr =
let rec run s =
let clientset = restart_on_EINTR Unix.accept s in
let _ = Thread.create treat_connection clientset in
run s in
ignore (Sys.signal Sys.sigpipe Sys.Signal_ignore);
let server_sock = install_tcp_server_socket addr in
run server_sock;;
let server () =
Printf.printf "Local Node : %n\n%!" local_node;
let port = 4242 in
Printf.printf "%s\n%!" (string_of_inet_addr ((gethostbyname(gethostname())).h_addr_list.(0)));
(* let host = (gethostbyname(gethostname())).h_addr_list.(0) in *)
(* let host = (gethostbyname "").h_addr_list.(0) in *)
let host = (gethostbyname "").h_addr_list.(0) in
let addr = ADDR_INET (host, port) in
let treat (client_sock, client_addr as client) =
(* log information *)
begin match client_addr with
ADDR_INET(caller, _) ->
prerr_endline ("Connection from " ^ string_of_inet_addr caller);
| ADDR_UNIX _ ->
prerr_endline "Connection from the Unix domain (???)";
(* connection treatment *)
treat_connect (in_channel_of_descr client_sock) (out_channel_of_descr client_sock) client in
Thread.create (tcp_server treat) addr;;
(* let _ = handle_unix_error server () in *)
Hashtbl.add functions "bonjour" bonjour ;;
let rec pipong l =
let gs ar m =
match (ar, m) with
|(Actor a, ("pong", [I i])) -> Printf.printf "Pong %n\n%!" i;
send a ("ping", [I (i+1)]);
pipong [ar];
|( x , ("pong", [I i])) -> Printf.printf "Invalid Argument"
| ( _ , (s, _)) -> Printf.printf "pas bon : %s\n%!" s; pipong [ar] in
react (gs (List.hd l)) in
Hashtbl.add functions "pipong" pipong;;
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