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Project X-Ray - Xilinx Series 7 Bitstream Documentation


This repo contains the bitstream documentation database for Xilinx Series 7 devices.

HTML version of the Xilinx Series 7 BitStream is available on

This documentation was generated using the Project X-Ray tools.

Due to the long time taken to create this database yourself, a prebuilt version is currently being provided by Tim 'mithro' Ansell <>. The database is intended to kept in sync with the current prjxray output, but due to the manual nature required to create it, it may sometimes lag behind what you could create yourself using those tools.

Please try contacting Tim if you believe the database is more than a week out of date.


As this repo is created from the prjxray output it doesn't accept external contributions. You are encourage to generate and maintain your own versions of this documentation if your needs are not being met by this repository.

The is kept in sync with the version in Project X-Ray, please contribute all changes to that file and then request Tim to rebuild the HTML output.


These files are released under the very permissive CC0 1.0 Universal.