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The Symfony PHP framework
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nicolas-grekas Merge branch '4.3'
* 4.3: (23 commits)
  minor: add some test in the ldap component
  [Workflow] Update MethodMarkingStore
  [Bridge\ProxyManager] isProxyCandidate() does not take into account interfaces
  adding experimental note
  [HttpClient] add missing argument check
  [Messenger] Fix undefined index on read timeout
  [Workflow] use method marking store
  [Routing][AnnotationClassLoader] fix utf-8 encoding in default route name
  fixed a phpdoc
  [Debug] Wrap call to require_once in a try/catch
  [EventDispatcher] Removed "callable" type hint from WrappedListener constructor
  prevent deprecation when filesize matches error code
  [PropertyInfo] Add missing documentation link in Readme
  Use the current working dir as default first arg in 'link' binary
  Respect parent class contract in ContainerAwareDoctrineEventManager
  [WebProfilerBundle][Form] The form data collector return serialized object when profiler bundle attends object
  [Validator] Add the missing translations for the Danish ("da") locale
  [PropertyAccess] Add missing property to PropertyAccessor
  [Cache] fix saving unrelated keys in recursive callback calls
  [Serializer] Fix denormalization of object with variadic constructor typed argument
Latest commit beb6036 May 20, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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.composer Drop hirak/prestissimo May 12, 2016
.github Merge branch '3.4' into 4.2 May 9, 2019
src/Symfony Merge branch '4.3' May 20, 2019
.appveyor.yml Merge branch '3.4' into 4.2 Apr 12, 2019
.editorconfig Update .editorconfig Sep 6, 2018
.gitignore Add appveyor.yml for C.I. on Windows Aug 25, 2015
.php_cs.dist fixed CS Jan 16, 2019
.travis.yml Merge branch '4.2' May 8, 2019 Merge branch '3.4' into 4.1 Aug 1, 2018 updated CHANGELOG for 4.1.10 Jan 6, 2019 updated CHANGELOG for 4.2.8 May 1, 2019 updated CHANGELOG for 4.3.0-BETA1 May 9, 2019 Added the Code of Conduct file Oct 10, 2018 Mention the community review guide Dec 18, 2016 update CONTRIBUTORS for 3.4.27 May 1, 2019
LICENSE update year in license files Jan 1, 2019 Merge branch '2.8' into 3.4 May 25, 2018 Merge branch '3.4' into 4.2 Feb 23, 2019 Merge branch '4.0' into 4.1 May 31, 2018 [Contracts] extract LocaleAwareInterface out of TranslatorInterface Dec 5, 2018 [Intl] Rename Regions to Countries May 1, 2019 feature #31350 [Intl] Rename Regions to Countries (ro0NL) May 6, 2019
composer.json Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.3' May 16, 2019
link Merge branch '3.4' into 4.2 May 20, 2019
phpunit [HttpFoundation] fix tests Apr 19, 2019
phpunit.xml.dist [Cache] Add optimized FileSystem & Redis TagAware Adapters Apr 24, 2019

Symfony is a PHP framework for web applications and a set of reusable PHP components. Symfony is used by thousands of web applications (including and and most of the popular PHP projects (including Drupal and Magento).





Symfony is an Open Source, community-driven project with thousands of contributors. Join them contributing code or contributing documentation.

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Symfony development is sponsored by SensioLabs, led by the Symfony Core Team and supported by Symfony contributors.

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