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A player is stuck in a 3D maze but can only see a 2D cross section of it. The player must rotate the plane in order to find the exit. A demo can be found here.

Code Organization

The code is designed to be as independent from the other parts as possible

The file input.js is designed to keep track of all the keyboard and swipe input, and the final input can be called at APP.input() and it will return the direction "l" or "r"

The file output.js is designed to get some values of the current state of the game and draw the screen by calling APP.output() and giving the needed values.

The file update.js is designed to get the past state and some input and update the state. The new state is returned by calling APP.update() and passing in the past state and the input from input.js.

The design philosophy is that input.js, output.js and update.js do not depend on each other, and as such, so not call each other.

The file main.js brings only the methods APP.input(), APP.output() and APP.update() together. inside of input.js, output.js and update.js there are other functions that are called inside of APP.input(), APP.output() and APP.update(), but the only functions that are called from main.js are APP.input(), APP.output() and APP.update().

The second aspect of the design philosophy is that main.js should be as simple as it can possibly can be, by abstracting away all other aspects of the game.

The state contains the following properties:

  • level: the level the player is currently in (int)
  • maps: the array containing all the level blocks (array containing maps)
  • x: the x position of the player
  • y: the y position of the player
  • z: the z position of the player
  • u: the vector describing where the player is going
  • v: the vector that describes, together with u, the plane where the player lies


2D/3D maze game






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