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SBOL Visual

This repository contains the reference implementation of SBOL Visual, including all glyphs.

Repository Structure

SBOL Visual development follow this GitFlow workflow. Its branch structure is thus:

  • The master branch of this repository should contain only releases.
  • The develop branch is used for release staging, and should contain only material that is approved but not yet released.
  • Proposals should be developed in "feature" branches, which are then merged into the develop branch after they are voted approved by the community.

Glyph Specification

Within the "Glyphs" directory, each individual glyph set has a sub-directory under its name. In that directory are:

  • SVG outline files for the recommended glyph and any alternates.
  • Approved versions should have PDFs as well.
  • Additional vector formats may be offered if desired. There should not be any raster formats like PNG or JPEG, however.
  • SVG "specification" files for the recomended glyphs and any alternates, annotating bounding box, fill, and recommended backbone alignment.
  • A markdown file that provides information about the glyph set:
  • Associated SO term(s).
  • Which glyph is recommended and which are alternates
  • An prose description of any intuition associated with each glyph's design.
  • Optionally, any examples useful for making a glyph's usage clear.

Glyphs are specified relative to a standard canvas of size 0.5 x 0.5 inches, based on the SBOL Visual 1.0 "Promoter" and "CDS" symbols.

Submitting changes to the specification

Any text for a non-trivial change should be approved by discussion as an Issue and/or SEP.

Proposed changes should be made in either a branch or a separate fork on GitHub. To do this, follow standard git branching or forking procedure.

Here is an example of git commands to achieve this:

git clone
git checkout -b <newBranch> # CREATE NEW BRANCH


git add <filesYouChanged>
git commit
git push origin <newBranch>

When you are ready for your changes to be reviewed for incorporation, create a pull request. If you need help on pull requests see: