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SEP 022 -- Rename displayId to id

SEP 022
Title Rename displayId to id
Authors James Alastair McLaughlin (; Christian Atallah (; Bradley Brown (; Anil Wipat (
Type Data Model
SBOL Version 3.0
Status Draft
Created 19-Jun-2018
Last modified 19-Jun-2018


This SEP proposes renaming the displayId property of Identified to simply id in SBOL 3.0.

  1. Motivation

The displayId property is very confusingly named, as it is not intended to be displayed (unlike the name property). Newcomers to SBOL are likely to assume displayId should be visible to users, or worse be explictly displayed in place of the name.

  1. Specification

The following property will be renamed:

  • displayId to id
  1. Backwards Compatibility

This is a simple property name change and will be performed with the other breaking changes in SBOL3.

  1. Discussion

5.1 Related SEPs

  1. Competing SEPs




To the extent possible under law, SBOL developers has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to SEP 002. This work is published from: United Kingdom.