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# SEP 031 -- SBOL Industrial Consortium

| SEP | 31 |
| --- | --- |
| **Title** | SBOL Industrial Consortium |
| **Authors** | Jacob Beal, Kevin Clancy |
| **Editor** | TBD |
| **Type** | Procedure |
| **Status** | Draft |
| **Created** | 14-Nov-2018 |
| **Last modified** | 14-Nov-2018 |

## Abstract

A number of companies or similar organizations in the SBOL community are organizing a consortium in support of SBOL. This SEP spells out the intended relationship between this consortium and the larger SBOL community.

## Table of Content
- [1. Rationale](#rationale)
- [2. Changes to SBOL Community Governance](#governance)
- [3. Discussion](#discussion)
- [References](#references)
- [Copyright](#copyright)

## 1. Rationale <a name="rationale"></a>

In recent years, SBOL has matured and begun to be adopted by companies and similar organizations. As these organizations are becoming invested in SBOL, however, there are a number of community interests that may be well-served by organizing some form of industrial consortium, including:

- Coordinating industry efforts in support of SBOL standards
- Providing a source of non-grant financial support for the community
- Increasing industry adoption of SBOL standards

At the same time, it is critical that the formation of this consortium should not in any way impair or undermine the free and open nature of the SBOL community and the standards it develops. Pragmatically, many details of the consortium will need to be determined outside of SBOL community governance, as they will involve contracts and money. These shall be guided, however, by a community consensus on principles and expected relationship between organizations, as set forth in this SEP.

## 2. Changes to SBOL Community Governance <a name="governance"></a>

The following additions will be made to the [SBOL governance document](

In SBOL Organization, add to the list of organizations:

> * SBOL Industrial Consortium: a pre-competitive organization of companies (or similar) investing in the SBOL community.
Add a new section after "SBOL Chair and Steering Committee"

> ### SBOL Industrial Consortium
> The SBOL Industrial Consortium is a pre-competitive organization of companies (or similar non-company organizations) investing in the SBOL community.
> As the SBOL Industrial Consortium operates pre-competitively, all products of activities supported by the SBOL Industrial Consortium shall be free, open, and support the core values of the SBOL community.
> The SBOL Industrial Consortium will organize an Industrial Advisory Board to provide an industrial perspective on SBOL. The SBOL Chair shall hold quarterly meetings with the Industrial Advisory Board. These meetings (which may co-occur with Steering Committee Meetings) should be open and their minutes should be reported to the SBOL Development Group.
> Subject to these constraints, the SBOL Industrial Consortium is otherwise organized independently and operates under its own internal governance. Similarly, membership in the SBOL Industrial Consortium neither implies nor impairs membership in the SBOL Development Group.
## 3. Discussion <a name='discussion'></a>

## References <a name='references'></a>

## Copyright <a name='copyright'></a>

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