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libSBOL 2.3.2

Build Status

libSBOL is a C++ library for reading, writing, and constructing genetic designs according to the standardized specifications of the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL).


To install libSBOL, go to Installation page.


An API reference and Getting Started tutorial can be found here.

Open-source Development

We strongly encourage contributions from third-party, open-source developers. For tips on maintaing and updating libSBOL, please check out the libSBOL Wiki. Additionally, there are many Google Summer of Code projects related to libSBOL and the Synthetic Biology Open Language sponsored by the National Resource for Network Biology. See their projects page.


libSBOL is brought to you by Bryan Bartley, Kiri Choi, and SBOL Developers

Current support for the development of libSBOL is generously provided by the NSF through the Synthetic Biology Open Language Resource collaborative award.