@cjmyers cjmyers released this May 9, 2017

libSBOLj-2.2.1 provides the core Java interfaces and their implementation for the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Version 2.1.0. The library provides an API to work with SBOL objects, the functionality to read GenBank, FASTA, and SBOL version 1 and 2 documents as XML/RDF files, to write GenBank, FASTA, SBOL version 1 and 2 documents, and to validate the correctness of SBOL 2 documents. A new feature of this version of the library is the addition of methods to directly search, obtain designs from, and submit designs to instances of SynBioHub repositories.

This release includes JAR files both with and without dependencies, as well as JAR files that include sources and javadocs for development. Finally, this release has separated out the old libSBOLj-depracted.1.0.0 library into its own JAR file. This JAR can be used to support legacy SBOL 1 data objects from the old libSBOLj-1.0 library. This library is no longer maintained or supported, so developers are strongly encouraged to migrate to SBOL 2 and libSBOLj 2.2.1 as soon as possible.

The release is available from Maven Central here: