2.0.9 Beta

@uschuster uschuster released this Aug 21, 2016 · 14 commits to master since this release

This are the most recent changes compared to 2.0.8 on SourceForge:

  • Added JSON highlighter
  • Added SynEditDocumentManager that allows the use a single SynEdit control with multiple documents
  • Added support for XE7 till 10.1 Berlin
  • Added support for a separate attribute for procedure names in SQL highlighter
  • Added support for ANSI join syntax to Oracle dialect of the SQL highlighter
  • Added event OnSpecialTokenAttributes to allow special token highlighting
  • Breaking Change: Removed TProposalColumn.BiggestWord and added TProposalColumn.ColumnWidth (Static Column Width in Pixels)
  • Fixed compilation and execution of the demos for Unicode Delphi / D2009 and newer (due to different properties the demos are not longer compatible with Ansi Delphi)
  • Fixed #28: SQL highlighter: Use TDictionary<Key, Value> for D2009 and newer to increase the performance for adding a lot of table names
  • Fixed #29: Avoid flicker while scrolling or resizing
  • Fixed #41: TCustomDBSynEdit.CMGetDataLink delivered wrong pointer in 64-bit mode
  • Fixed hints (mainly H2443)