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Sample projects for Syn Bot Framework showcasing applications in different scenarios and platforms
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Syn Bot Samples

This repository contains samples related to Syn Bot Development framework.

1. Natural Language Interface to Database

A demostration of how developers can use SIML or Oscova to create a natural language interface to database.

Note: Build both the projects in Debug mode.


The Oscova project contains all required Intents and design patterns to create custom Oscova Dialogs.

The project also demonstrates:

  • Creating custom Entity Recognizers by reading through Database entries.
  • Add Dialogs to the Bot
  • Work with contextual intents
  • Share data between different Intents.


All example patterns are highlighted within the Examples tab. The database used in this demo application is reset to its initial value upon restart.

The knowledge-base of this project also implements an intelligent suggestion system to address queries that are very similar to existing patterns. Thereby teaching the user the right format of presenting questions to the Database.


Projects under this repository are dual licensed under: MIT and CPOL

2. Oscova Android Bot

This project demonstrates the very basic concepts of creating an Android Bot in C# using Oscova.

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube


3. Sample Oscova Bot

This is a sample App Bot developed using Oscova. You may download this repository to understand the basics covered in the Oscova tutorials section.

The project covers the following:

  • Creating Dialogs
  • Creating Intents
  • Writing Expressions
  • Entity Annotation

Note: Build the projects in Debug mode.

Watch the Tutorial on YouTube


4. OSCOVA Excel Bot

This sample project demostrates incoporation of OSCOVA based bot directly within Office Excel via VSTA Add-In Project.

Screenshot EXCEL Bot

Note: Before running the project change the excelFilePath of the test Excel file (employees.xlsx). Please ensure that you build and Run the project in Debug mode.

Basic Walkthrough

This project followed the following steps to add a Bot to Excel.

  • Create a new Excel 2013 and 2016 VSTO Add-in project in Visual Studio.
  • Add a new Windows Forums UserControl and name it HostControl. This control contains a ElementHost control that will contain the WPF based control. We chose this to keep the GUI as sleek as possible.
  • Add a WPF UserControl and name is BotControl which will be contained within ElementHost.
  • The data context of BotControl is backed by BotViewModel class.
  • Create a function named DisplayBotControl() in ThisAddIn.cs file that will display the Bot control within the Excel sheet when the spreadsheet has loaded.
  • The rest of the code structure is self-explanatory. Please browse through the sample project to learn more.

We will be refining and adding more information to this sample project via comments.

Unloading from EXCEL

To remove the installed sample bot add-in from Excel after you have successfully tested the add-in, follow the steps below.

  • Click on File and choose Options
  • Select Add-ins and in the Manage drop-down option choose COM Add-ins and click Go...
  • In the COM Add-ins dialog uncheck OscovaExcelBot and click OK
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