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Syn VA Components

This repository contains source code of components like plugins and libraries used by Syn Virtual Assistant Prototype 8.5.

Directory Structure

Directory Description
Plugins Contains open-sourced Syn.VA.Plugins
Libraries Contains open-sourced Syn.VA.Libraries
Dependencies Contains all Class libraries required by the plugins


Plugins add or extend features of the Syn Virtual Assistant

  • Adapters created by these plugins use the xmlns:o namespace to denote official adapters.
  • The string resources are retrieved from Syn.VA.Libraries.Language library.
  • Many plugins may depend on internal libraries specially designed for the VA Framework.

Adapters created by developers must use the namespace xmlns:x to differentiate them from official adapters and to prevent them from being overridden.


Libraries provide set of APIs and useful functions that can be used by Plugins.

At the moment only the Syn.VA.Libraries.Language library is available in this repository. However, the Dependencies folder contains all the compiled version of other required libraries.

All Plugins must reference the Syn.VA.Libraries.Language for language based string resources. We plan to rely on this library for multi-language feature support.

We encourage adding Keys and Values to the Syn.VA.Libraries.Language project whenever necessary.

More Projects

A few more Plugins or Libraries may get added to this repository once we've fully tested their reliability and have confirmed the necessity of open-sourcing them for improvment by developers.

We've currently removed projects that were reported to have bugs in them. Once the bugs have been fixed and an update is released those projects will be added to this repository as well.


LGPL-3 Logo

All Syn.VA.Plugins, Syn.VA.Libraries and Projects included this repository are licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 or Later