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Node.js Client Library for SynapseFI REST V3.1 API |
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Node.js Client Library for SynapseFI REST V3.1 API

Code Examples

Please refer to and our API documentation for examples.


npm install synapsenode


Require and configure dotenv:


Create a .env file at the root directory and add the following variables to it:


Initialize new Client:

const Synapse = require('synapsenode');
const Client = Synapse.Client;

const client = new Client({
  client_id: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
  client_secret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,
  fingerprint: process.env.FINGERPRINT,
  ip_address: '<ip_address>',
  // isProduction boolean determines if production (true) or sandbox (false) endpoint is used
  isProduction: false


Run the following command from the root package directory after the .env file is set up and '<OBJ_ID>' values are replaced in the test files:

npm test


MIT License

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