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Python wrapper for the SynapseFI API
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SynapseFI Python Library

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Python wrapper for SynapseFI API

Code Example

Refer to and our API documentation for examples.


$ pip install synapsepy

Clone repo

$ git clone

Install requirements

$ cd SynapsePy
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


import synapsepy


Package Deployment

1. Install Requirements
$ pip install twine
2. Setup Source Distribution

Update version number in

	version='0.0.15' # NEW VERSION NUMBER GOES HERE

Create the source distribution by running using the following command:

$ python sdist
3. Upload Distribution

Replace {{VERSION NUMBER}} with the new version number in the following command then run:

$ twine upload dist/synapsepy-{{VERSION NUMBER}}.tar.gz


Run the following command from the root package directory

$ python -m unittest discover -s synapsepy.tests -p '*'
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