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Welcome to the Antidote repository, the reference platform of the SyncFree European Project

You will find all information in the documentation at

For benchmarking Antidote deployments, we currently use basho bench.


Antidote requires Erlang 19 or greater.

Use the following Makefile targets to build and test antidote:

# compile the project:
make compile

# run the unit tests:
make test

# run the system tests:
make systests

# Run dialyzer to check types:
make dialyzer

# Open a shell:
make shell

# Build a release:
make rel

Code style

Before commiting code run make lint to check the code style.

In addition there are the following rules which are not checked automatically:

  • Indentation should use 4 spaces (no tabs)
  • Exported functions must be documented and have a type specification